Why Pumpfoiling has potential

When I see such videos then come up in me memories of SUP in the early days. Exactly in such pictures I see the potential of inland foiling. Of course it’s sexy when Kai Lenny and Co do it on the sea. But the difference is not so big.

Out in the ocean you are pushed by small waves to pump yourself into a new wave afterwards. On the lake, you jump on the board and either pump as long as you can or find a boat wave.

The glide ratio of foils is still underestimated and few companies address the issue. But this will change soon. There are now many people around the world who manage to “fly” for minutes on their foil without a wave and there are more every day.

Sure you can say but what does that have to do with SUP? Logically it is something different than paddling, BUT: Anyone can learn it and you can do it anywhere. So there is no excuse. Suddenly you can have the Hawaii Feeleing also on the lake. Or in the Baltic Sea on waves that are otherwise not surfable. Just like SUP. That’s exactly why I’m on the topic.

The only thing against it is that the cheap inflatable board customer can’t do it. Foils will also hardly ever be sold for cheap prices. It takes practice, patience and dedication to learn. Meanwhile, there are people and surf schools where you can take Foilpump Lessons.

Bet we’ll see foil pump racing soon? There are even people who firmly believe that this can one day become Olympic. (No shit)


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