SUP Alps Trophy No More

Who can help resurrect the SUP Alps Trophy?

It is with great regret that we note that Alois Mühlegger is withdrawing from the SUP Alps Trophy. Alois has done great pioneering work and has created legendary SUP races like the SUP Chiemsee Island Marathon. Our work with Alois over the last 10 years has been very professional, no other organizer has managed to communicate his events as well as Alois Mühlegger. Our editorial staff will miss him.

Now he has sent us a farewell letter. We wish Alois all the best on his further way.

Dear stand-up paddlers*, dear pool partners and supporters of the SUP Alps Trophy, for eleven years we, the Active Moving EventPlus, have been organizing SUP races. It all started in 2010 with the first SUP Chiemsee Island Marathon and the Nordbad Contest at Starnberger See, which developed into the 4-lake Trophy, later the nationwide German SUP Trophy including a German SUP Championship at Tegernsee. After the initiative German SUP League of the association trio (DKV, DWV and GSUPA) we concentrated on the international SUP Alps Trophy from 2014 on and organized many exciting events, not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Italy, which were rewarded with great sport and high numbers of participants.

In 2020 everything changed, the corona pandemic allowed only two of six planned events to take place, both of which went very well in Austria. How will things continue in 2021? We cannot predict, but we know that we are no longer involved. For personal reasons, we have decided to say goodbye. Should anyone be interested in continuing the SUP Alps Trophy, please feel free to contact us (

We would like to thank all participants*, the local organizers, the pool and media partners and other supporters for their years of loyalty and wish the SUP sport every success in the future.

Cornelia Thiele-Mühlegger & Alois Mühlegger/Active Moving EventPlus”