SUP Talk with Annie Reickert

If you lived under a rock and don’t know Annie yet, we will introduce her here briefly:

Annie is 19 years old this year and grew up on Maui. Unlike most Maui Kids, she didn’t come to water sports through her parents. “Sure we went to the beach on the weekends and surfed, but my parents are not windsurfers or surfers in that sense,” she explains. Annie has grown into the Maui water sports scene through friends and SUP and has shown great talent and courage. Many say Annie is the female version of Kai Lenny. That’s not too far-fetched, because Annie is also well known in the lineup of Jaws. This winter she even took part in the WSL Big Wave Contest at Jaws. Annie travels the world as a sponsored athlete and was the first woman to cross the Kaiwi Channel with a foil on the M2O 2 years ago. So much for her achievements. Also as a person she is very likeable, extremely friendly and enthusiastic. You can tell that when she says or does something, it comes from the heart.

In this video we talk about the Wing and how you can learn the Wing from a SUP. This is also the big topic in the new magazine.


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