King of the Wing – A success

King of the Wing host: Surfcenter Altmühlsee

The King of the Wing at the Surfcenter Altmühlsee was world wide the first pure Wingsurf event and was held in Germany.

For two days numerous interested enthusiasts, beginners and professional riders of the new trend sport “Wingfoiling” travelled to the Altmühlsee. Beside the possibility to watch this new water sport, there was also the possibility to test the current equipment of well-known manufacturers like Fanatic and Duotone, as well as Airush and Starboard.

Wingfoil Freestyle Contest

The freestyle contest started, but unfortunately could not be finished on Sunday due to bad wind conditions. As compensation, all riders had the chance to show case themselves in a 30-minute super session. The numerous interested spectators were presented with a variety of jumps, gliding maneuvers and progressive creativity. Henning Nockel could convince with the best jump, Linus Pünder, actually a kite professional, showed the most fluid maneuver with the foil in the water in the category “Best Glide” and Finn Flügel dominated the field in the style ranking as the youngest rider at the age of 11 years.

Kai Steimer (Germany)

After these two classifications, Henning Nockel also placed first in the overall ranking and is thus officially allowed to call himself the first “King of the Wing”. David Martin was also honored with outstanding performances, finishing second in the overall ranking and Linus Pünder third.

The entire team of the Surfcenter Altmühlsee, as well as the riders, participants and visitors, rate the event as extremely successful and as a pioneering event of the Wingsport in Germany. Thanks to the support of the manufacturers, the Global Wingsport Association GWA, the Surfcenter Altmühlsee and all other involved parties, the first King of the Wing will be remembered very well and already now the preparations for next year’s event are underway, when it’s time again to say: “Ready for Take-Off at Surfcenter Altmühlsee”. In 2021, the national and international Wing community will meet again in the Franconian Lake District on October 02 and 03 to elect the second King and to exchange information about the sport, talk shop or just have a look.

Of course, the competent team of the Surfcenter Altmühlsee, the center which was the first in Germany to start teaching Wingfoiling, will be personally available for training, advice and sales until the end of October and then again from the beginning of April. During the winter break, customers and interested parties can find all the necessary information on the website, stock up on equipment in the web store or contact us by phone or e-mail if they have questions or problems.