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Die Französin Caroline Angibaud gewinnt das Turtle Bay Pro


Das hat wohl keiner kommen sehen: Ein Französin stiehlt Canidce Appleby und Co. die Show auf Hawaii. Die amtierende Weltmeisterin Izzi Gomez muss sich mit dem dritten Platz zufrieden geben. Für Candice Appleby war dies bestimmt nicht der ideale Saisonstart, wollte sie doch mit ihrem neuen Sponsor Infinity Surfboards nun im SUP-Surfing voll angreifen und den Weltmeistertitel holen.

Anyway… wir können gespannt sein was die Saison noch bringt für die Frauen und freuen uns nun auf den Start der Herren, Dienstag und Mittwoch werden sehr grosse Wellen erwartet auf Hawaii.

Hier das Video der Highlights:

Alle weiteren Details könnt ihr nebenan auf English lesen.

Caroline Angibaud claims victory at stop 1 of the Stand up World Tour in Hawaii


Caroline Angibaud has long been a serious threat on the Stand Up World Tour, with her best result to date until this 1st event on the 2015 season being the La Torche Pro France at the end of last year, where she finished runner up to Izzi Gomez (Starboard).

However, today at Turtle Bay, Caroline came into her own, putting on a string of impressive performances throughout the day, culminating in what looked to be a disastrous heat for the talented French surfer, failing to get a notable wave for the first 17 minutes of the heat.

It was at this point, with just 8 minutes to go in the 25 minute final, that Caroline dug deep and posted a 6.77, only to find a worthy back up score in the closing seconds of the final heat to take the well deserved win here at the Turtle Bay Pro, stop 1 of the 2015 Stand Up Wortld Tour.

“I was tired of missing waves and bummed that I hadn’t caught any waves with just eight minutes left on the clock. So I just went for it and I can’t believe I came out with the win”.

Watch the Highlights from today’s action by going to and check out an initial photo gallery by CLICKING HERE

Newcomer Shakira Westdorp from Australia makes her presence felt taking 2nd


Shakira Westdorp (Starboard) is certainly not unknown in the stand up paddle world, having proven herself over the years as an impressive Racer and Surfer. However, the Turtle Bay Pro was her first event on the Stand Up World Tour, and she stepped up to the challenge immaculately, dominating her way through the heats to make it all the way to the Final.

WIth just a minute to go of the Final heat, it seemed as though it was going to be her victory, having led the heat from the outset. However, Caroline’s buzzer beater was enough to surpass Shakira, leaving her to have to settle for 2nd place – an incredible achievement nontheless and a clear sign of things to come from this talented athlete from down under.

Izzi Gomez posts the highest women’s score of the day, but has to settle for 3rd

Izzi Gomez (Starboard) has been on one of the most amazing rolls over the past year, as she secured 4 out of 5 wins in 2014 to secure the World Title. However, Turtle Bay has proved to be somewhat of a challenge for Izzi these past two years, as she failed to show the kind of dominance she has elsewhere.

More determined than ever, the newly crowned World Champion took to the water today with focus and drive: the goal, to secure the one win that eluded her in 2013 & 14: the Turtle Bay Pro.

Despite an impressive performance from start to finish that took her all the way to the Finals and saw her post the highest single wave score for the women from today, Izzi was unable to find the scores she needed in the Finals to take the win, having to settle for 3rd place.

Although it wasn’t the victory she was hoping for, there is no doubt that Izzi remains a major threat and the person to beat here on the 2015 Stand Up World Tour.

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